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Julio Alejandro is a 27 year old self taught artist living in Denver, Colorado. Julio was born in Juarez, Mexico in 1991, his mother moved to Denver in 1993. Julio’s mother would buy him markers, crayons, etc to encourage his love for art beginning at a young age. In his teens he wanted to put his drawings on t-shirts so he went to a boutique called The Work Shop that was attached to The Other Side Arts in LODO. He was just looking to print some t-shirts but upon seeing his art they offered him his first exhibit at the age of 15. Throughout his teens into his early 20’s he created art and played music with his best friends. After countless group shows and a couple solo shows in the Denver area Julio was offered a great opportunity in 2016 to work with the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art that would provoke him to stop playing music and focus solely on his art.

Recent Exhibit: "I'm Feeling Healthy I Want To Be Around" June 2021