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Party People! features new works by Brett Kern, Lorien Stern, Tim Kowalczyk, Katie Kimmel, Emily Yong Beck, Mitchell Spain and Janiece Maddox. The exhibition includes many different styles and, like any good party, a good times crew of colorful characters and irreverent misfits.

Brett Kern is known for his ceramic sculptures which take the shape of “inflatable” dinosaur toys. His trompe l’oeil talents will be on full display across new collabs created with artists Mitchell Spain (“the Rusted Dinosaur”), Lorien Stern (“Inflatable Ghosts”) and Tim Kowalczyk (the “cardboard” astronaut). These sculptures invoke the halcyon memories of trick-or-treating and—like relics from some 90s suburban crypt—the gleeful mischief of youths run amok on all hallows eve. Each artist is well known for their respective aesthetic, allowing these collaborations to reflect a unique mix of their personalities and creative signatures.

Mitchell Spain’s sculptures are also a throwback to early 90s suburbia, as sardonic icons of cul de sac culture. Janiece Maddox makes pop-adjacent sculptures and objects that channel the brand-obsessions and hyperactive cartoons which define adolescence.

Lorien Stern also creates art that taps into our collective and proverbial inner child, full of joyful absurdity—bordering insanity. Similarly, Katie Kimmel’s ceramic sculptures revel in the bizarrely delightful and can best be described as portraits of crazed pets who are nonetheless adorable. Kimmel’s work is complemented by Emily Beck’s ceramics, which also depict creatures that are both cute and undeniably creepy.

Conceptually, Party People! is your go-to playlist manifest; a symbol of life post-social distancing; a celebration of being together—in the flesh—and a metaphoric hell yes! to the revolutionary act of chasing down happiness, in any form, with your favorite people—even if only for just a few hours.