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Ferris Plock "Who Protects Us From You?" Print

$ 50.00

Media: Hand pulled silkscreen on paper
Size: 18 x 26.25 Inches
50cm x 70cm
Year: 2020
Edition: 100 - Signed & Numbered

Public Enemy opened for Beastie Boys on License To Ill Tour and they came out strong…I loved them ever since… “Fear Of A Black Planet” was when I really started to listen to Chuck D’s lyrics in a political sense and I began to understand things were being purposefully done to U.S . citizens outside of my white, suburb bubble… I loved the energy from the beginning but the lyrics and message started to resonate with me the longer I sat with them and memorized them…Chuck sounded fed up.. He sounded angry and empowered… which fed right into my teenage skater angst… Chuck D’s music helped me look around and start questioning the systems of power that I took for granted. He really wants to make music that matters and has a message and that is why his music will continue to be relevant for generations to come. One of Chuck D’s fellow teachers/lyricists/poets/profits/musicians/etc. is KRS-ONE from Boogie Down Productions and he is another huge influence on me and how I grew up. He and Chuck saw eye-to-eye on a lot of social issues and it felt fitting to have some of the most impactful lyrics from that era of hip hop incorporated into my work. The print title is from a song on an album called “Ghetto Music: The Blue Print of Hip Hop” It is album that I go back to over and over again. – Ferris Plock