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Lindsey Kuhn "100 Bucks" (Sagan)

Lindsey Kuhn "100 Bucks" (Sagan)

$ 350.00

Media: Silkscreened and hand painted on illustration board
Size: 25 x 12 Inches
Edition: 2/4 - Each unique 
Year: 2023 – Signed & Dated on reverse


"100 Bucks" taps into the cultural nostalgia for a time that predates the internet. Just as society changes and evolves, our currencies—financial, cultural and social—have also changed, reflecting our ever-accelerating technological progress, for better or worse. The hundred dollar bill was redesigned in 2013 to include additional security features (a 3-D Security Ribbon, “color-shifting” ink, etc.), but Kuhn’s depiction harkens back to its previous iteration (when it was just a piece of paper and not a token of the rising surveillance state).

Like the cultural icons depicted in these artworks, Kuhn portrays the bill itself as a kind of historical relic — a testament to our changing values, both literally and figuratively. With Kuhn’s signature blend of satire and sarcasm, "100 Bucks" pays irreverent homage to our society’s driving forces: money and celebrity.